Take Your Smash Ultimate Skills to the Next Level

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular games available on the Nintendo Switch. It provides lots of game modes, online play, and the option to play with eight friends at once. Because of this, you may wonder about the controllers that you should buy for the game, so we would like to recommend some options for you.

Our List of the best Controllers to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

8. 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

8bitdo-adapter 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter | 8bitdo.com

Some people don't like the Switch controllers, so they may feel like they can't play Smash Bros. with their friends. However, the 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter allows people to use all kinds of controllers on the Switch.

The 8BitDo allows you to connect different wireless Bluetooth controllers to the Switch. This means that you can easily use an XboxOne or PS4 controller to play some Smash Bros. Due to this adapter, no one needs to be at a disadvantage and anyone can easily play this fun game with the perfect controller for them.

If you grew up on Xbox or PlayStation, then you should look into the 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter.

7. GameCube Controller

gamecube GameCube Controller | smashbros.nintendo.com

This is an excellent option for people that prefer GameCube controllers, who want to save money or who have some spare ones. Many people enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Melee when it was on the GameCube, so it makes sense that Nintendo would allow people to use this beloved controller on the Switch.

Remember that you must purchase a GameCube Adapter if you want to use these controllers on the Switch. You just have to plug in the adapter to one of your USB ports and you can easily hook up four GameCube controllers to your system. This way, people that prefer their GameCube controllers can join in on the fun.

If you want to save some money or stick with your tried and true controller, then the GameCube controller with the adapter might be the best option for you.

4. HitBox Arcade Smash Box Controller

hitbox-smashbox HitBox Arcade Smash Box Controller | hitboxarcade.com

Smash Bros. is a series that focuses on making the game easy for anyone to understand and enjoy. Because of this, it makes sense that people would develop controllers like the HitBox Arcade Smash Box Controller to meet the needs of more people. This controller ditches the traditional control sticks and uses four buttons for movement.

The Smash Box is a great controller for people that want precise and exact inputs without worrying about control stick positioning or limiting movement to the thumbs. This controller is a great option for people that suffer from arthritis or other hand problems to make it easier for them to play.

If you want to boost your precision, and you like the idea of using all of your fingers while you play, then you need to look into the Smash Box.

5. PowerA Wireless Controller

PowerA PowerA Wireless Controller | powera.com

The PowerA Wireless Controller is similar to the Pro Controller, but it costs less money to buy one. This makes it a solid option for people that want to save a few dollars while still getting a wireless controller for gaming. On top of this, you can also buy a wired version based on your own preferences.

PowerA Wireless Controllers take it a step further by providing plenty of custom controller art to make it more appealing to different people. For example, you could buy the Diablo III version or the Pokemon version to represent your favorite franchises. This gives it a bit of visual customization that will add some flair to your controller.

If you want something wireless and stylish, then the PowerA Wireless Controller is the one you should look into.

4. Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD

HORI Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD | stores.horiusa.com

The HORIPAD Wireless Controller is another great option for people that want a wireless controller. It has similar features to the PowerA, except it also has grips on the sides of the controller to make it easier to hold as you play. This makes it an excellent option for people that easily lose their grip on the controller.

The controller also has a 15-hour battery life, so you can use it for your long gaming sessions or doing Smash Bros. parties when you play for hours with friends. You can also choose between a Mario and Zelda design, which gives you another reason to consider the HORIPAD Wireless Controller.

If you want a controller with long battery life for your gaming sessions, then you should keep your eye on the HORIPAD.

3. PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller

PDP-wired-fight-pad-pro PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller | pdp.com

People love to play Smash Bros. with GameCube controllers, so it comes as no surprise that you can purchase a variation of it. The PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro has the button placements of the GameCube controller, meaning that anyone familiar with it can easily use it and play some matches.

It also provides some extra features to make it more compatible with the Switch. For example, it includes plus, minus, home, and screenshot buttons in the middle of the controller to make it more convenient. You also have a ZL button added to the left side and a C-Stick that you can swap with a standard GameCube stick cover.

This controller is an excellent option for people that like to play with a GameCube controller but they want one that is better suited for the Switch.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

nintendo-switch-pro Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | smashbros.nintendo.com

You can't go wrong with the Switch Pro Controller if you want something straightforward and easy to use. The Switch Pro Controller has smooth control sticks, great face buttons and smooth shoulder buttons, which makes it a great option for people.

The Switch Pro Controller has wired and wireless variations. This means that you can choose the wired one to save money and avoid battery-life issues while the wireless one will allow you to use it from any place in the room. This way, you can choose the variation that will meet your gaming needs.

The Switch Pro Controller is a great choice for people that plan to play a lot of Smash Bros. and Switch games.

1. Nintendo Joy-Con Controller

nintendo-joy-con Nintendo Joy-Con Controller | nintendo.com

The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers. You can either play with both of them or flip them sideways and have two controllers that you and your friends can play with. This makes the Joy-Cons a flexible option for people that want to easily let others hop in and out of matches.

Since the Joy-Cons are included with every Switch, you can easily have friends bring them over and ensure that everyone has enough controllers to play. Due to this, you should look into this controller if you want to focus on convenience and allowing everyone to have fun.

This means that you can easily use Joy-Cons if you are having a party or you want to take turns with other people.

A Controller for Everyone

Your enjoyment of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can vary depending on the controller that you purchase, so it's important to find one that will fit your needs. Whether you just want to let anyone play the game or you want to compete online to reach Elite Smash, you can easily find a controller on this list that will work for you.