Creepy-Crawly Games to Play Just in Time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, we've got a selection of some of the spookiest titles of which we could think. This list features lots of different genres, like action, puzzle, and even cinematic. We've rounded up sci-fi and supernatural frights alike.

There's plenty of blood and guts galore just in time for the spookiest time of the year! Pull up your keyboard and mouse or your controller and dive into the mind-bending freaky titles on Halloween night or any time you're itching for a good scare.

The List:

10: Five Nights at Freddy's

Experience the point and click game that launched an entire franchise. Start work as a security guard in the haunted pizza chain "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." Survive homicidal animatronics for five nights by hiding in the security office.

Watch from the cameras throughout the restaurant, closing doors and vents with the push of a button in your safe space! Find out what makes the animatronics so monstrous in this classic horror title.

9: Resident Evil 2 Remake

Fight through a zombie-infested Racoon City as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield in this remake of the 1998 horror classic. An outbreak has the city overrun, and it's up to these two to find their way out while uncovering exactly what the evil Umbrella Corporation is plotting.

Play through two unique scenarios, one following Leon's story and the other Claire. Survive with limited resources while solving puzzles in solo or co-op modes, which will see the two main characters team up to solve the mystery of Umbrella Corp and escape Racoon City.

If you like this title, make sure you check out Resident Evil 3 as well.

8: Doki Doki Literature Club

If you're looking for a serious psychological experience, check this visual novel out. Play like a high school kid who joins his school's book club. All of the other members are girls. This leads to some wild romantic encounters.

The horror aspect of this game comes when the girls mysteriously go missing from the game. There's no reference to them at all after their deaths. Where did they go? Who is deleting them? Play Doki Doki Literature Club and break the fourth wall with three creepy conclusions.

7: Alien: Isolation

This game will scratch that classic lost-in-space sci-fi itch. Based on the Alien film franchise, this game focuses on Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley. Amanda learns that the ship logs from her mother's ship, Nostromo has been recovered, and sets out to hunt it down.

Follow the young Ripley's story once she arrives on the strangely desolated spaceship. Experience the terror and isolation of being hunted by the infamous Alien monster, and discover once and for all the secrets lurking behind the corporate interests.

6: Dead Space

If stranded in space fighting scary monsters is your kind of game, you'll want to check out Dead Space as well. It's the story of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who receives a desperate communication from his girlfriend. She's the chief medical officer aboard space mining vessel Ishimura, but something's gone terribly wrong.

Explore the abandoned ship, learning the fateful events while trying to find Isaac's girlfriend. Horrendous monsters have invaded, but where did they come from? Discover the horrible truth behind the Ishimura in this cult classic horror game.

5: Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is known far and wide as possibly the best horror game of all time, and for a good reason. Meet the infamous Pyramidhead and experience his horrific world in this Silent Hill title. James is a widower who travels to the infamous town after receiving a letter from his deceased wife.

Once there, he's dragged into a surreal story, stuck between reality and a demonic hellscape inhabited by horrific visions of his past. Discover what lurks beneath the surface in this single-player, puzzle-heavy horror experience with six potential different endings.

4: Metro: Exodus

Play in the post-apocalyptic future in this FPS title. The world, after being invaded by strange shadow creatures, is reduced to a nuclear winter wasteland. Survive against mutated monsters and other hostile human factions in this horror title with stealth aspects.

The main character, Artyom, is captured by one such faction. After escaping, he learns that everything he knew about humanity's ending was a lie. Explore newly discovered zones in this Metro sequel while encountering all-new, mind-boggling threats.

3: Until Dawn

This interactive cinematic game features a bold, classic horror story. Take control of eight young adults stranded together on a mountain after reuniting following a tragedy. Someone or something starts hunting them down, one by one.

Make tough choices that will affect the lives and playthroughs of your other characters. The butterfly effect means that there are lots of different potential endings. Every decision you make will lead you down a new, twisted road.

2: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

This brand-new title is sure to make your spine tingle! Play this cinematic experience solo or with friends, taking on five friends' roles on a road trip. Unforeseen events leave them stranded in a ghost town.

Who will you save or abandon? Every choice you make will affect the outcome of your story. What lurks deep within the town, waiting to drag you away? Find out in the latest installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

1: Amnesia: Rebirth

Play as Tasi Trianon in the latest installment of Amnesia. After a crash landing in the desert, she must try to find her companions. Explore caves and haunted ancient tombs in pursuit of discovering what happened to Tasi's missing crew.

This game, like previous Amnesia titles, features little combat, with a heavy focus on puzzles and light management. Lurking around every dimly lit corner is deadly danger, from creatures to evil supernatural presences. If you're looking for a game full of classic jump scares and little chance of survival, Amnesia: Rebirth is the hot new haunt.