Exploring Virtual Worlds: From MMOs to VR Chatting

Various virtual worlds have been seeing a surge in popularity. What is the appeal? Firstly, a single-player can completely customize their avatar. Then, the player can explore the virtual world they have chosen. By participating in activities, communicating with others, and even, playing games, players can experience a social connection unlike any other, from anywhere, and at any time. Check out our list of the top 10 virtual worlds of all time!

1. Animal Crossings: New Horizons - Create an Island Paradise


The latest life simulation in the Animal Crossings series is Animal Crossings: New Horizons. Players can create a life on a desert island surrounded by other adorable animals. Catch bugs, go fishing, water plants, decorate your home, collect cute items, and chat with fellow villagers. Each villager is able to accumulate points and cash in to make the island even more awesome.

Animal Crossings: New Horizons, brings people together in a high-resolution, beautiful, and relaxed atmosphere. There is no objective and anything goes which makes the gameplay dynamic and completely customizable. This virtual world has become a sensation since it's release and it couldn't have come at a better time.

2. VRChat: Create, Explore, and Relax in Virtual Reality


VRChat is a digital reality designed for hanging out. Meet people from all over the world, or invite your friends for some online play. Customize your full-body avatar with endless options. Be human, alien, or something completely different! Purchase outfits and design your own space in VRChat.

Additionally, check out tons of community-made mini-games like bowling and Frisbee golf to name a couple. There are user-run events like an open-mic night where your avatar can show off your real-life skills! Chill in this virtual reality through Steam, Oculus, or Viveport.

3. Minecraft: Adventure Meets Creation


This virtual world has been long hailed as a haven for creativity. The distinct block style of Minecraft invades every aspect of the gaming culture. Experience an adventure by loading a game up in classic mode. Survive animals, monsters, and other players while building any structure you can imagine!

Additionally, get involved with the community. Join dozens of games, from massive Capture the Flag matches to rotten egg fights! Meet new friends, famous YouTubers, and people from all over the world in VR or on any major console. Come see why the Minecraft world keeps millions of players coming back every day.

4. World of Warcraft: Discover the Epic MMO and Warcraft Verse


World of Warcraft is an epic MMO that brings Azeroth to virtual reality. Join the Horde or the Alliance, and team up with millions of players in the fight! This game features a virtual character that you control but also has a story. It offers classic RPG elements like leveling up a class and fighting monsters and humans alike, all alongside other players online!

Check out the epic story of your faction while meeting tons of new people in the rich lore of Warcraft's world, Azeroth. Team up with others and take on epic bosses while enjoying housing, user-run marketplaces, and player versus player combat. See why World of Warcraft is one of the highest-rated MMOs in the world.

5. SecondLife: Digital Business Meets Real-life Cash


The world of Second Life is full of experiences and opportunities! Meet people from around the globe and interact in dozens of different ways from education to real-world business. Hang out with friends and online users in beautiful sceneries both fantasy and reality. The virtual worlds come alive, from historical reenactments to relaxing coffee shops and thumping concerts.

In Second Life, create content and get paid! Everything in the world is made by users, and you can be a part of the community in a special way. Make money in the real world by creating unique and fantastic Second Life worlds for yourself and others!

6. Final Fantasy XIV: Classic FF Lore and Graphics in an Award-Winning MMO


The worlds of Final Fantasy are dominated by magic, fighting, and epic adventures. Final Fantasy XIV, the largest MMO in the franchise, combines these things with a super friendly and active community. Customize your fighter, and level up any number of different jobs. Fight giant bosses, dungeon crawl with other players, and experience a unique crafting and gathering system.

Check out the free companies for total immersion in this social-based adventure game. Get special perks for teaming up with others, or simply enjoy the story and explore Eorzea with random players from all over the globe. Final Fantasy XIV blends action, adventure, and community in its seamless dungeon and raid system, as well as PVP and thriving in-game roleplay communities.

7. IMVU: #1 3D Chat World


Check out why IMVU is the most popular avatar social platform in the world. With millions of customization options from hairstyles to clothes, you can be anyone you want! Connect with friends and people worldwide in the most beautiful virtual spaces. Hang out in virtual reality with ease in IMVU. Meet up in front of a beautiful sunset, take that dream vacation in super-realistic VR, and experience a world away from reality!

Make your own story the way you want in IMVU. There are millions of other users all around the world in this digital hangout. Experience endless connections with anyone you can imagine, no matter where you are.

8. The Sims Series: Play God in this Virtual World


Want to have a family without all the pesky real=world commitment? Well, then the Sims verse might be the place for you! Control virtual reality characters in nearly every way in this cult classic gaming universe. Life, death, and everything in between are at your fingertips in The Sims!

Build a house or neighborhood and start a family. Get on the internet bandwagon and find hilarious ways to torture your Sims, or play a classic mode and complete challenges or in-game puzzles. Whatever your way to play, this world offers a slice of real-life with plenty of supernatural twists like Death, Cupid, and many more surprise visitors!

9. Sinespace: An Ultimate VR Hangout


The world of Sinespace offers nearly everything, from traditional video games like PvP FPS to virtual homes. Create an avatar and customize with anything your mind can imagine, from animal and monster parts to super chic human fashion!

Play a round of volleyball at the beach with friends, kill some zombies in the latest Sinescape shooter, or head into the content creator area and become a master of the Sinescape world all on your own. There are endless user-created worlds to explore, skins to purchase, and surprises to discover in this virtual reality space available on both VR and PC.

10. Sansar: The Future in a Virtual Reality Event Venue'


This edgy social media platform comes from the creators of Second Life. Experience your favorite events like never before: without leaving your home! This social media platform features virtual reality experiences from your favorite artists. Hit the concert wearing whatever you want, with millions of items to choose from in the Sansar Store.

When at the show, get epic swag and show it off. Meet up with your friends in virtual reality and rock out to the songs you know and love. Never leave your home with the digital venues that Sansar offers! Unlock special powers and rock harder than you ever thought possible. Check out your next concert in this digital virtual space.

The Future of Virtual Worlds

As the real world continues to evolve, the interest in virtual world platforms grows. From MMO's to VR chatting, from gaming to business, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this dynamic cyberspace and the impact they will have on real-world communications.