Summar Brings in Crash Bandicoot 4 Reveal

Summer is always an exciting time for video games, and this year has been no exception! There have been plenty of great reveals for both the current and next generations. We even got a long-anticipated glimpse at the upcoming PlayStation 5!

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog has been busy with its summer launch. The Last of Us: Part II came out June 19, 2020, barely a week ago. So, nothing elated fans more than when Naughty Dog dropped a trailer with another familiar face: Crash Bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot OG


Crash Bandicoot is a mutated bandicoot created at the hands of Doctor Neo Cortex, earning the moniker Crash Bandicoot. The series follows Crash and his colorful companions as they try to stop Doctor Neo Cortex from destroying the world, the universe, and sometimes Crash himself!

The first three games came out originally in the 90s and early 2000s. Since then, though, Crash and friends have become wildly popular characters. There are tons of games now featuring Crash and company, like Nitro Racing and Crash Boom Bang. There are also seven core games.


The core games are platformers. Survive levels filled with dangerous pits, deadly boulders, and plenty of baddies waiting for Crash. Some stories feature Crash as the main character, where others offer the chance to play as some of the other colorful characters in the series.

There are usually collectibles throughout the level, such as both temporary and permanent upgrades for Crash like extra lives or invincibility. Most levels feature secret hideaways that grant extra goodies, such as massive stores of the coveted Wumpa Fruit used to restore Crash's health.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Reveal Trailer

The latest installment of Crash Bandicoot is a direct sequel of The N. Sane Trilogy. It's About Time will be the fourth chronologically, directly following the N. Sane storyline. The events take place following the end of Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

The trailer showed off Crash completely in his element: running through chaotic scenery, leaping over explosive TNT crates, and hopping across vine-infested waters. However, we also get to see some new abilities. Crash, decked out in a futuristic black and teal suit, dashes across the ceiling in a particularly gravity-defying feat.


Some other great reveals in the trailer were the ability to play as other characters. Even Doctor Neo Cortex seemingly made a brief appearance, creating and leaping to metal platforms in a lava-filled level. Coco Bandicoot showed up too, perusing through a grid-locked futuristic city.

I'll add that the entire thing looks visually amazing. Crash Bandicoot is so well-served with a facelift into HD. It's been thrilling, as a gamer, watching a whole new generation fall in love with the character since The N. Sane Trilogy was remastered in 2017. He's a character that fits in perfectly on current generation consoles, and with a vibrant, lush world full of the fantastic.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time launches this year! It will be available on October 2, 2020, on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There's no confirmation whether it will be available on next-generation consoles yet, but Naughty Dog has been busy, so there's plenty of time for more information on Crash and gang's next big hit as the summer rolls on!