Amazon’s First Big-Budget Game ‘Crucible’ is out NOW!

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Crucible has been in development secretly since 2014. Then, its official announcement at TwitchCon 2016 made waves. Since then, Amazon Game Studios has been pretty tight-lipped about their pet project, the free-to-play online shooter.

The free-to-play PvP game finally got its launch date on May 20. Since then, players worldwide on Steam and Windows computers have been going head-to-head non-stop!

< The free-to-play PvP game finally got its launch date on May 20.

Crucible blends the RPG aspect of leveling up and classic team-based combat to create a new type of online experience. It features fully interactive environments on the planet, Crucible, for you and your team to explore.

A Fantastic Foreign Planet Awaits

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Gather the precious resource called essence from everything on Crucible. Killing opponents, NPC creatures, and controlling objective points all reward essence. Essence will level your character up in addition to its value as a raw resource, making it all the more important to gather it during matches.

Choose from 10 unique classes to explore Crucible. Its landscape is incredibly hostile, though. There always lurks a new threat around the corner, from the enemy team to giant monsters whose hearts you harvest for victory.

Level Up & Unlock Upgrades Mid-Match

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Crucible is keen to introduce some RPG aspects into the PvP play. At the beginning of a match, you'll select what upgrades you want to access during the round. Each of the ten classes has their unique abilities, so there's plenty of variety for finding something suited to your play style.

Once you've started the match, collect essence. It's the most crucial resource on Crucible. You'll level up from things like holding objective points against the enemy team or killing other players. When you level, a few things happen. You get access to these upgrades you picked out at the beginning of the match. Additionally, your health and power will increase!

Match Modes

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There are three match modes in Crucible:

  1. Heart of the Hives: A 4v4 race to be the first team to gather the cores of giant beasts living on Crucible.
  2. Alpha Hunters: Eight teams of two players fight to the death. No respawns.
  3. Harvester Command: Teams of eight players fight for control over essence harvesters scattered across Crucible.

Crucible's Hunters

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No PvP game would be complete without a fantastic cast of hunters. Crucible delivers, with an ability set for any type of player.

  1. Ajonah: This sniper has discovered an unusual weapon in her harpoon. Put it to deadly efficiency from far-range.
  2. Bugg: The friendly robot with a green thumb. Bugg spawns ally plants and uses his attached fertilizer sprayer to wreak havoc on enemies.
  3. Captain Mendoza: He embodies the classic run and gun style. His character is a great starter, with versatile abilities and a straight-forward build.
  4. Earl: This meaty man keeps the tank role alive and well in Crucible. Heavy artillery and shields give you an available arsenal.
  5. Summer: This fabulously fiery phoenix will charm you with her upbeat nature and massive flamethrowers, providing options for medium and close-range combat.
  6. Shakirri: With a sword and pistol, this warrior woman has the nickname "The First Blade of Na Dakkaru" and offers a reliable support option.
  7. Tosca: Damage over time is this foxy lady's mad genius-inspired specialty.
  8. Drakahl: Get up close and personal with this humanoid, ax-wielding brawler.
  9. Rahi & Brother: The human and robot team features shields and the ability to scout danger lurking ahead.
  10. Sazan: Switch between three weapons with this damage-focused mistress of all trades.

Pre-Season Open Now

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Crucible's launch has the gaming community ablaze with opinions. There will no doubt be growing pains as the game moves into its first official season of paid content. However, the base game already offers three unique game modes and ten unique characters, with more on the way.

There's no time like the present to explore the wild world of Crucible as Shakirri or Sazan. Check out a match with players all around the world as the Amazon Game Studios title continues to attract gamers!