The Largest Virtual Tabletop Game Ever Played

One of the hardest parts of playing Dungeons and Dragons is getting a group together. If you've ever wanted to play, 2020 might give you the chance that you've always wanted as the group's going to be gathered for you. D&D Celebration is going to host the biggest game of Dungeons and Dragons ever played September 18 to 20, 2020, with over a thousand players coming together to play one single adventure. The ability to pull this off is largely due to leveraging new technologies, but most fans of the game will find that this adventure is part of a long line of great charity games.

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Making it Epic

The global event takes place as part of what the Dungeons and Dragons world calls an Epic - a huge adventure that requires the participation of multiple parties. Many people think of these adventures as being something akin to a video game's massive end-level raid, but the truth is that the vast majority of Epics are geared towards a crowd that might not have extensive experience in D&D. These games are generally run for charitable purposes, though many are also run just to show how fun it can be to have a massive game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Leveraging Technology

While there have been some big Epics in the past, none of them quite compare to the game that will be played at Celebration. This Epic should host at least a thousand players and can only be done because the game will be hosted online. Distance technology for tabletop games has been improving over the last several years, with services like Roll20 and Discord making it easier than ever to play as a group even when you're not in the same room. Now that these platforms are so commonplace, they can be leveraged to provide something that could never work in person.

A Classic Setting

icewind-dale Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden |

Epics take place in all kinds of settings, but this one is special. The adventure is going to bring players back to the beloved setting of Icewind Dale, which has been both a well-known setting in the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons as well as in a hit book series and video game. Getting to play around in this particular sandbox is something that hardcore D&D fans can certainly enjoy even if the adventure is still meant to be accessible for those who have never rolled dice before.

How it Works

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this Epic is that it's going to be an all-new adventure. That means that no one is going to walk into the game with an idea of how it could play out and the initial setting, an ice fishing tournament, certainly offers a number of possibilities. The only thing that's really known about this adventure is that it's going to require the input and cooperation of a thousand players, something that's difficult to think about. Remember, an average D&D game usually tops out at five or six players at the most - going this big is going to be a major logistical achievement.

While the game may be one of the bigger attractions at Celebration, it will not be the only event at the show. A rare opportunity for fans of Dungeons and Dragons from around the world to get together and learn about what's going on in the world of the game, there's sure to be a lot to love this year. Those who want to participate in the Adventure can still sign up with a ten dollar charitable donation, though one can assume that spots in even such a massive game will fill up quickly.