Need for Speed: Heat Goes Crossplay & More

Need for Speed is one of the ultimate online racing games with a massive community. It offers everything from exploring together with friends to competitive racing across the globe. However, until recently Need for Speed: Heat players were stuck with players on the same gaming system as them.

No more, though! Cross-play is officially available as of June 9, 2020. EA dropped the announcement in patch notes and through a letter on June 8. It's the first time in the Need for Speed series where players can come together across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to experience the fast and furious world of racing!

You're automatically prompted to set up crossplay settings after you install the latest update. It's a secure system. Lookup anyone on any system in the Party Menu through EA Friends. Send an invite and party up together. A neat addition is that, while in the party, you'll see a small icon indicating what system everyone is on.

Plenty of tweaks tagged along in the latest June 9 update as well. Let's take a glance at the entire set of patch notes for Need for Speed: Heat.

General Fixes

n4s-2 Need for Speed: Heat | Credit:


n4s-3 Need for Speed: Heat | Credit:

Audio & Visual

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Car Updates

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Signing Off with TBD

The patch notes over at EA's website offer some great insight from the team manager of Need for Speed: Heat. Matt Webster announced the most significant chunk of the update, crossplay, in a memo on June 8, the day before the update.

Fans of Need for Speed: Heat will love the addition of long-awaited crossplay. Start by checking out Need for Speed on Steam! Who knows what the next update will bring? The patch notes for June 9 signed off with an elusive "TBD FROM HERE"!