A Unique Return to the World of Westeros

While the last season of Game of Thrones was divisive, to say the least, it's safe to say that it left fans wanting more. While the universe of Game of Thrones has largely lain fallow as George R.R. Martin continues to work on the next book in the series, there have been fits and starts towards the creation of new material. This is why the launch of the new idle game on Apple Arcade is getting some hype. Here is everything we know about Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows as it follows the Night Watch.

An All-New Story


Perhaps the most unique thing about Tale of Crows is that it takes place throughout the history of the book series. With a tale that spans the long history of the Night Watch, it's all based on things that readers haven't encountered before. This gives the game a unique chance to really evoke the feel of the books and shows without being beholden to what's come before.

Players will guide the story of various commanders of the Night's Watch, starting thousands of years before the books and ending before the beginning of the book series. During this time, the player will have the chance to make his or her own mark on this hitherto unknown portion of Westeros' history.

A Unique Game Model


While technically an idle game, Tale of Crows feels different than most of those on the market. The conceit of this game is that the things that the various Lords Commander do take time and that the story itself plays out in real-time. As such, players will be drip-fed bits and pieces of the story as tasks are accomplished and will be given the chance to make decisions at several points throughout the day.

This is, as one might expect, a controversial way to play a game. Unlike most other similar idle games, though, this isn't just a gimmick to try to get players to buy some kind of premium currency. As the game is on Apple Arcade, there's no real money angle here - the game is simply meant to stretch out for quite some time, with players having to learn a bit of patience to get through the game.

The goal here is to make players feel more like a part of the world of Westeros. Things don't happen instantly in real life, so they won't happen instantly in the game. This can be amazing for those who want a story experience doled out over the course of weeks or months but a bit frustrating for those looking to consume new Game of Thrones media right now.

A Long-Term Experience


Though the way that Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is played is unique, it's hard not to get excited about returning to Westeros. The game can be played as part of an Apple Arcade subscription right now, and those who get the chance to start playing the story are sure to have a very unique gaming experience.

Apple Arcade subscribers can snag this beautiful GoT idle game in the Apple App Store now!