The Hit Song Is Reborn in the Virtual World

Mark Hoppus, the lead singer, and bassist of the 90's pop/rock band Blink-182 performed the single "Dammit" from the band's popular album "Dude Ranch" in The Last of Us: Part II. Hoppus streamed his gameplay to his Twitch channel and used the in-game acoustic guitar which is also Ellie's (the female protagonists) ax in the action-packed survival-horror game.

The musician gave the classic tune the virtual remake it deserved using his DualShock touchpad, until the last verse that is -- Hoppus asked viewers "wait, how [do] the lyrics go? What's the next line?" Despite a slightly botched performance, fans were thrilled the singer strummed up the nostalgic tune.

The newly released PlayStation 4 game The Last of Us Part II has seen other gamers play some familiar tunes on the virtual in-game guitar. With changeable cords and the added ability to be retuned, players can cover a variety of songs. Since this unique gameplay feature was discovered we have seen players strum along to songs by Metallica, The Beatles, The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The White Stripes among several others.

Additionally, Sony and guitar manufacturer Taylor Guitars collaborated to create an exact replica of the in-game guitar. The Last of Us: Part II merch item starts at a whopping $2,300 but Taylor guitars tend to run in a similar price range anyway. Talk about an amazing collector's item for an epic game!

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