Everything We Know About Marvel's Avengers So Far

It's been a long wait since 2017, when we first glimpsed that, Marvel's Avengers was indeed in the making. Since then, we've got clips of gameplay, trailers, and details about the core story and its place in the Avengers universe. We know the major playable characters are Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Ms. Marvel.

Unfortunately, we also discovered that the future Spider-man content will be locked to Sony systems.

Now, though, we finally had an opportunity to get our hands on the game! Beta and early access are starting, so let's dive right in and give what is said to be one of the best superhero games a first look.

A-Day: The Saddest of Days for Avengers

In the introduction of the game, we get a little taste of how some heroes play. It's the events of A-Day, the tragic attack on the team during a parade in their honor. It leads to The Avengers disbanding.


thor The Mighty Thor - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Thor wields Mjolnir with solid heavy and light attacks. Fling it across the stage while dodging incoming attacks. Use Thor's heroic to channel lightning through Mjolnir and clear the area.


hulk Hulk Slam - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Switch to Hulk, and launch enemies off broken bridges, or hurl them into one another. It's a short-lived moment, but he's the main focus of a good portion of the beta later. His abilities include light and heavy punches combined with grabs, and some decent damage-dealing ground pounds to boot.


captainamerica Captain America - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Cap's mostly hand-to-hand, with some focus on using his shield for ranged control. Captain America's heroic charges up his shield and releases it with an intense, and what seems to be, an unblockable barrage of hits. His melee attacks are a variety of combos, and he can even ground pound with great force for crowded areas.


blackwidow Black Widow - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Black Widow puts her deadly skills to use in crowd control. She's skilled at one-on-one combat and provides the quickness needed on the battlefield to swiftly take out multiple enemies. Leap and launch over and under combatants, utilizing her melee punch and kick combos.

Rockets Galore

ironman Iron Man - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Tony Stark as Iron Man features the beloved suit, with smooth gliding and an array of weapons. Fight from the sky using his ranged attacks, or dive in close and make full use of Tony's metal-encased fists.

It Begins Again

avengersunite Kamala Khan - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Unfortunately, the heroes just aren't good enough at minimizing the destruction. They're forced to disband. After a brief glimpse of our heroes, we're taken to events 5 years later. Kamala Khan, a young teenager with unique powers, enlists the help of Bruce Banner and eventually reunites the Avengers against a threat more significant than anything they've faced: AIM, a criminal terrorist organization hellbent on ending the world.

Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel

Ms-Marvel Ms. Marvel - Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Ms. Marvel is the newest face in the beta. Her abilities are incredibly varied. It's a combination of growing, stretching, and everything in between. Make Kamala massive and smash enemies underfoot, or stretch her arms out far in front and grab enemies from a distance.

Loot System

marvelsavengersbeta Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

Square Enix sticks to their RPG roots with loot. There are endless combinations of buffs available on gear for every character. These perks include anything like critical melee attacks, damage boost to special moves, and armor resistance. Pick new gear up from all the classic ways: defeating difficult enemies, discovering hidden chests, and completing quests or objectives.

Pre-Order Bonuses

preorder-marvelsavengers Marvel’s Avengers Beta | square-enix-games.com

There's a hefty set of pre-order bonuses that you still have time to grab! Marvel's Avengers comes out on September 4. PlayStation users are truly getting hooked up this time around, much to the dismay of Xbox and PC players.

All pre-orders get online beta access, but Playstation pre-orders will get access a full week sooner. They'll also get 72-hour early access to the game before it officially launches.

Additionally, all pre-orders get the Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack. However, only Playstation users will be getting an Avengers theme, in-game "Talk to the Hand" emote for Ms. Marvel, and an exclusive nameplate!

Get ready to live out your superhero dreams with Marvel's Avengers, the epic looter RPG from Square Enix.