The Big Reveal - First Look at PS5 Hardware

It's the moment every PlayStation fan has been patiently waiting for: the reveal of the PlayStation 5. Sony announced the next-gen consoles exclusive launch games as well as the official hardware design in the much anticipated, "Future of Gaming Event".

Immediately, the difference is noticeable. It's not really what I was expecting. Leave it to Sony to bring some surprises late in the game, though! Sony has ditched the long-standing solid black console, instead opting for a contemporary white and black design. Avid Sony fans will compare this choice to the Destiny 2 PlayStation 4, which was a solid icy white with a blue indicator bar.

The PS5 is a curvy change for next-generation systems. Its white shell encases a thick black stripe that, at its widest, is maybe about 3.5 inches. That's based on a group of fans' speculation since Sony didn't release the dimensions of the PS5 last week. It's kind of a weird choice to not let us in on the actual size of the console, but there's plenty of time still for Sony to give up those details.

Confirmed: All-Digital PS5 is Coming

ps5-6 PlayStation 5 Hardware Design | Credit:

Of course, the more, the merrier in the Sony family. There will also be a completely digital version of the PlayStation 5! This model, which I and most others fully expect to be easier on the wallet, will come without a disc drive at all. It's a bold move, considering how disliked the Xbox One S All-Digital is. Who knows? If the PS5 comes in at a bit higher price point, the digital PS5 may wind up being a good bet for Sony.

Both console versions come with USB-A and USB-C ports front and center on the face of the system. Both the digital and traditional PS5 can stand vertically or lie down horizontally. A bit of an odd design, the disc drive is surprisingly close to the bottom of the console when you set it horizontally. The digital version, of course, lacks this entirely and has a bit cleaner profile.

Fan Reactions

ps5-5 PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller | Credit:

Admittedly, my reaction was similar to many others. I'm still a bit boggled by this alien-looking design. It could be because it's truly so different. We're used to straight lines and features in our consoles, so seeing something with curves is quite a change of pace!

Gamers around the world took the opportunity to weigh in. The reactions were pretty mixed. Some people are super excited about this new look, while others could only stare in actualized horror at the revealed design. Of course, there were hilarious thoughts aplenty shared, such as:

"It looks like a stormtrooper made love to an art deco lamp. I don't hate it." – Brian Westover, Editor of Tom's Guide

"#PS5 looks like a building a tech CEO would live in." - Sterling!, Twitter

Or, of course, my personal favorite:

"This new ps5 lookin like a Bmw i8 #PS5Reveal #PS5" - Stick, Twitter

Looking to the Future

ps5-8 PlayStation 5 Hardware Design | Credit:

Sony's making it pretty apparent that they're aiming to capture the future of gaming. The PS5's official design certainly feels like a step in that direction, overall. I'm not 100% sold on the white system just yet (maybe that's my history with my old Destiny 2 PS4, which were notorious for spitting out discs), although the diskless model has grown on me since the reveal last week.

What do you think about the Playstation 5's new look? Do you like the design or hate it? All in all fans both love and hate the new look of the PS5, due out Holiday 2020!