The Last of Us: Part II Is Almost Here

The Last of Us debuted at the end of the PlayStation 3 life-cycle. Naughty Dog captured gamers' imaginations with Joel and Ellie's story as they came together to survive an unthinkable apocalypse. Now, the long-awaited sequel to Ellie's story is finally here with The Last of Us: Part II.

The Last of Us: Part II - Genre: Survival Horror, Action, Shooter - * Platform: PlayStation 4 - * Developer: Naughty Dog - * Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment - * Release Date: June 19, 2020

The Last of Us: Part II is set five years after Joel and Ellie's dangerous journey across the United States. The pair have now settled down in Jackson, Wyoming, and live among a community of survivors. A violent fight disrupts the survivor's peace and throws Ellie on the journey to dole out justice. Ellie begins hunting those responsible for the Jackson tragedy one by one.

Naughty Dog says the sequel features an escalating moral conflict created directly by Ellie's pursuit of justice. She becomes consumed by the cycle of violence, and players will make tough decisions that challenge their morality.

The vast, open-world of The Last of Us: Part II spans from Jackson's dense forests to the ruins of Seattle. New survivor groups roam the American wasteland, combatting infected that are continuously evolving. The tense gameplay from the first game returns with new gameplay systems.

Melee combat is now much more visceral with fluid movement and dynamic stealth possible. Ellie will also have a wide variety of weapons and upgrades at her disposal so that players can personalize their play style.

The Exclusive Console Bundle

To celebrate the release of The Last of Us: Part II, Sony is releasing several exclusive bundles and a PS4 Pro console bundle. The console bundle features a special edition PS4 Pro engraved with Ellie's tattoo. It includes a limited edition DualShock 4 controller, a physical copy of the game, and more digital content.

controller Limited Edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller | Credit:

The bundle will be available for $399, and the [DualShock 4 controller[( will be available as a standalone for $64.99. The limited-edition controller also features Ellie's fern tattoo on the right-hand side and the Last of Us: Part II logo on the touchpad.

Don't Want to Purchase the Console? Choose a Game Edition

Ellie Edition

ellieedition The Last of Us: Part II - Ellie Edition | Credit:

This particular collector's edition of The Last of Us: Part II features plenty of exclusive content for fans. This bundle includes a replica backpack like Ellie's and other goodies – both physical and digital.

It's worth noting that digital rewards like the dynamic theme and avatars are a voucher in the package. The voucher expires on 5/29/23. This collector's edition is scarce even before launch – most retailers sold out of their stock months ago.

Collector's Edition

collectorsedition The Last of Us: Part II - Collector's Edition | Credit:

If the Ellie Edition bundle is too rich for your blood, the Last of Us: Part II Collector's Edition is also available. The Collector's Edition drops Ellie's backpack in favor of a cheaper price point. Here's everything that's in this bundle:

All of the digital goodies in this package can be redeemed via a voucher in the PSN Store. The voucher expires on 2/21/2023.

Special Edition

specialedition The Last of Us: Part II - Special Edition | Credit:

Gamers who want the game and digital goodies can check out The Last of Us: Part II Special Edition. This version of the game features the 48-page Mini Art Book, SteelBook case and game, digital soundtrack, and the PS4 dynamic theme and avatars.

Digital Deluxe Edition

digitaldeluxedition The Last of Us: Part II - Digital Delux Edition | Credit:

Prefer to have all your games stored on your console digitally? The Last of Us: Part II digital deluxe is the same as the physical special edition copy. It contains all of the same swag, including the 48-page Art Book, SteelBook and game, digital soundtrack, and a voucher for the PS4 dynamic theme and avatars.

Standard Edition

standardedition The Last of Us: Part II - Standard Edition | Credit:

The standard edition of the game is available as a physical copy or a digital download. There are no special features for this version unless gamers pre-order it. An ammo capacity upgrade and a crafting training manual are included as pre-order bonuses for every edition here.

Other Accessories to Check Out

accessories Limited Edition Accessories | Credit:

The Last of Us: Part II is Sony's most significant game launch this year. Gamers have been waiting for the follow-up to Ellie's story for over five years. Alongside the game, Sony is releasing some branded accessories for fans to appreciate.

headphones Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset | Credit:

A Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset is coming alongside the PS4 Pro console bundle. The headset features a steel black matte finish with crimson inner ear cups and a soft-touch feel. The headset also features Ellie's fern tattoo design, alongside the game's logo. The Gold Wireless Headset will retail for $99.

Additionally, Sony is partnering with Seagate to release a custom The Last of Us: Part II hard drive. The officially licensed 2 TB game drive features a laser-etched design of Ellie's fern tattoo and the game's logo. It's a great way to upgrade PS4 storage space with an external hard drive capable of storing up to 50+ games. The 2 TB hard drive will retail for $89.99 and will include a connector cable.

beer Space Camper Cosmic IPA | Credit:

Finally, Sony is partnering with Boulevard Brewing Co. for an exclusive commemorative beer. Space Camper Cosmic IPA six-packs will release in the United States to celebrate the launch of the game. The brewery is also giving away 10 PS4 Pro bundles featuring the new console. The brewery's contest lasts through August and is available in the United States only.


The Last of Us: Part II is one of the most anticipated PlayStation-exclusive games to release this year. Joel's journey to save Ellie captivated the world, and the sequel appears to be continuing that journey. Moral quandaries and tense emotional moments will make the game a roller coaster of emotions when it debuts.