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Granny is a video game that was produced by the independent studio DVloper. It was first released for Android mobile devices in November 2017. It was later released for iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. An indie horror game, it became popular after being featured on YouTube, Twitch, and other media outlets. Since its release, there have been updates for all four versions.


The player wakes up in a dark bedroom, feeling groggy like they were hit in the head. They discover a lit flashlight lying on a table next to them. The player has to solve puzzles to escape the home they are in. The player soon finds out that they were locked up and are being stalked by Granny. Granny is your main nemesis in this video game. She wields a bloody baseball bat that she will attack you with if she catches you. She also has help in the forms of a giant spider, a crow, and other surprises. There are a few weapons that can be picked up to defend yourself. The player has five days to escape the home before they meet their doom. There are multiple ways to escape which add to the replay value.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics of the Android and iOS versions are surprisingly good, although there is clipping. Granny is blocky-looking but the graphics are effective at showing how creepy she is. The latter versions on Mac OS and Microsoft Windows are higher resolution and less blurry. The audio features a nice horror score that fits the game well. Granny sounds like a cross between an older crazy lady and a demon. Stepping on creaky floors and knocking over furniture make an audible sound that let you know you could be attracting the attention of Granny. This game is immersive due to the graphics and sound working well together.

Game Play

For the mobile versions of this video game, you control your character's movement via a white circle in the bottom left corner. If you can pick something up a hand appears. On the desktop versions, you use WASD to move and press other keys to interact with objects. There are five difficulty levels ranging from Practice to Extreme. This means that the game can be played casually or more hardcore. In Practice mode, Granny doesn't even make an appearance. Other things in the house can still kill you, though. Solving puzzles and keeping away from Granny is an engaging experience.


This game features mild violence and the splashing of blood on objects and on the screen. When Granny gets you the graphic of her hitting you with the baseball bat is short and sweet. Younger children might find the sounds and images to be scary. It has been rated Mature 17+ by the ESRB. The mobile versions are free and feature ads and in-app purchase. The desktop versions cost $4.99.

Granny is a fun game that is best played at night in a dark room by yourself.


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