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Hello Neighbour Review

Some games seem tailor-made for the Youtube generation. They have enough emergent gameplay and jump scares that they're great to show off online. One such game is Hello Neighbor, a game that was primed for streaming long before it was actually released. The finished product, though, is actually a bit different than many players had expected.


The basic concept behind Hello Neighbor is a bit odd, to say the least. You take on the role of a child who has a creepy neighbor. Because of strange goings-on, your goal is to infiltrate the neighbor's house without getting caught. In many ways, it's a fairly basic childhood fantasy - albeit one that takes a fairly dark turn as you get into the game. More practically, it's a very unique stealth game that tasks players with not only trying to accomplish a few basic objectives, but that makes it nearly impossible to use the same strategies twice in a row.

Graphics & Audio

It's tough to pin down exactly where Hello Neighbor falls in terms of graphics. It certainly isn't aiming for photorealism, and its particular style can be a little hard on the eyes if you're expecting something more traditional. It's not that the game looks bad, though - it just looks a little unpolished. That is almost certainly part of the game's aesthetic, though, and it's also very difficult to judge the game negatively for accomplishing one of its own goals.

The audio, however, is a little better. Most of the environmental noise is excellent, as you'd hope from a game like this. While the music really isn't much to write home about, the game still does a very good job of building up a tense atmosphere with what it brings to the table. The audio design absolutely accomplishes all of its goals, and that's what matters.


In terms of gameplay, it's perhaps fair to say that there are two very different Hello Neighbor games that exist directly next to one another at any given time. One version is the game that works, the other version is the game that falls apart. The first version is a fairly tense stealth game that makes use of some truly unique mechanics in order to keep players on their toes. The second version, unfortunately, tends to be the one you'll encounter more often.

One of the real draws of Hello Neighbor is the idea that you're always operating at a deficit. You're a little kid and you're somewhere that you should not be. When the game works, it's your intellect versus and AI that continues to adapt. When the game isn't working, though, you'll get hit with cheap penalties and find that no strategy can really keep up with the ways that the game chooses to break.


Hello Neighbor is a game that's perhaps better in theory than it is in execution. When everything works as intended, it's a smart stealth game that will keep you on your toes. Unfortunately, you can never quite count on that level of performance. As things stand, though, it is a fun game that's worth a try whenever you feel like a bit of sneaky fun.

Hello Neighbor is a unique stealth game that that will keep you in suspense and wanting to play more!

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