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Create a character, build a house, and live your dream life.

Paralives is an up-and-coming life simulation game. Slated for release on PC and Mac.

A small team in Canada is developing Paralives. It's receiving funding through Patreon. The devs have...[read more below]

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Paralives - The Sim's Competition!

Create a character, build a house, and live your dream life.


Paralives is an up-and-coming life simulation game. Slated for release on PC and Mac. A small team in Canada is developing Paralives. It's receiving funding through Patreon. The devs have an active Twitter presence, sharing GIF's and screenshots of the game as development continues.


Upon release, the game will be single player and entirely offline.

A Sim quality game outside of the Sims itself!

While the Town and City genre isn't anything new, it's rare to find Sims-quality games outside of The Sims itself. The interesting thing about Paralives is that it might be the Android to Sim's Apple. (Or, if you prefer, the Marvel to their DC.)

If you've never played The Sims before, the concept is simple. You don't play as any one character. Instead, you can create entire families and the lives they lead. Build houses, start a career, and go on adventures - that's this game.

Graphics are solid, ambient noise is spot on.

Paralives is still early in development. The game hasn't even gone into alpha testing yet. (Alpha is the testing phase before beta.)

However, the developers have shared footage of house creation. Game-play looks and sounds fantastic. The 3D graphics are solid, with friendly colors.

Everything can be customized, how will you hang your toilet paper roll?

Clothes and accessories come with a color wheel, allowing them to be any color you please.

It's not yet clear if the game will have a soundtrack, but the ambient noise is spot-on to real-life counterparts. For example: if the player is outside, building a house, they can hear birds chirping.

No game-play yet

As previously stated, the game isn't even in alpha yet, so there's no game-play to analyze. But if it's anything like The Sims, you'll be able to create characters, with careers, families, friends, and hobbies.

The following sites Paralives, Twitter, and Patron pages all share information about the game's contents. Which could include:, pets like dogs and cats, seasons, cars, boats, and other transportation. Open-world neighborhood (no loading screens!), grid less building, cheats and mods and random events. (choices for the player to make)

The developers also say they're aiming for a Teen rating, which is a game that can be enjoyed by a broad audience.

Finally, human models haven't been released yet. However, if they look anything like the houses (sleek and well-done), then this will be a solid game.

An Indie game still in development.

In a nutshell, Paralives is an indie game that's still in development. The screenshots and GIF's provided by the developers are impressive, showing high-quality work.

"Players will be able to fill neighborhoods with their own houses and people."

With such a small team, it may take a while for Paralives to release. However, the community around the game is thriving. It'll be exciting to see what develops.

Promising hours of fun

With such rich customization, Paralives promises hours of fun. Since you can build houses from scratch, no two houses will be alike. The same will probably be true of characters.

If this is the case, then this is a game you could play over and over again and experience something new every time.


Paralives is an indie life simulation game that's still in development.

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From the Developers

What follows is the official description of Paralives, from the developers.

Paralives is an upcoming dollhouse life simulation indie game for PC and Mac. In Paralives, you are free to build homes, create characters and manage their lives inside their homes and all-around an open-world town. The game features innovative build tools that are easy to use but powerful for advanced builders. The simulation mode allows players to explore a city full of events, people to meet and ways to make their characters evolve and live a happy life (or not, if they choose to)!

Building a dream house requires a lot of flexible tools. In Paralives, builders are not limited to a grid. Players can build walls of any length and at many angles. Does your perfect house contain curved or slanted walls? Paralives has the tools for that. Do you want to recreate your real-life home? Use the in-game measuring tape to recreate the exact dimensions! You can also fully customize object colors and texture as well as the size of windows and furniture. Just select an object, pull the corner anchors and make that window larger or upgrade that single bed to a king bed!

Creating the best life for your characters couldn’t be possible without enjoying what the town has to offer beyond the walls of their houses. That’s why Paralives lets you explore a cozy open-world neighborhood filled with shops, parks, workplaces, and other interesting spots to discover and meet people.

The name Paralives is a reference to parallel lives, allowing players to live different virtual lives and build homes to stage them.

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