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'Roblox' Review

If you know anyone under the age of sixteen, you've almost certainly heard of Roblox - which can be accessed on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One. A massively popular game that has nonetheless stubbornly refused to make its way into the mainstream, it's one of the most popular social games among the tween and young teen sets. If you're looking to learn more about the world of Roblox, it's important to note that the game itself can change wildly depending on how you choose to play.


What if a video game was a toybox? What if you could use everything in that box to create your own games, and then to share them with others? That's the basic concept behind Roblox, the most popular in the huge field of sandbox games that have come out in the last several years. Roblox is based almost entirely on user-generated content, ranging from simple foot races to somewhat complex multiplayer games. It shares a great amount in common with other user-made games like LittleBigPlanet, though with a much larger emphasis on the social aspects of gaming. Roblox has measures in place to keep children safe, as the platform is geared towards families and children.

Graphics & Audio

Roblox has an Audio Visualizer and players can search songs in the Roblox library.You can also share audio channels with friends and other players. There's a reason that it's been called the next Minecraft", in that much of the joy that's taken from the game comes not from how it looks, but what players can do. The general art styles are 3D, though the stylistic choices vary from game to game, based on the designer's preferences.


The gameplay for Roblox is a bit tough to describe, largely because it varies so much between the game's various modes. The control scheme is solid if a bit floaty, with some of the odder creations controlling a bit more poorly. Some of the games created are fairly basic, while other games that users have created will wow players. The loop here, though, seems to be mainly built around giving players a chance to freely interact with one another in a variety of settings - think of a sandbox game by way of a very involved LEGO set.


It's hard to fairly review Roblox because it's less of a game and more of a platform for creating and sharing experiences. In terms of art, controls, and content, it certainly doesn't do anything that countless other games haven't already done better. It has, however, managed to become a central hub for a wide variety of child-focused games, and that means that it's going to be around for quite some time. Your individual experience with this game is going to rely largely on what you choose to play, but know that the vast majority of the game's content now seems to be created to be shared or streamed by young players. Roblox is a child-focused sandbox video game that emphasizes the social experience and is geared mostly towards children. Ultimately, your experience will vary based on how to you choose to play the game.


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