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The Sims 3 Review

If you've played video games in the last two decades, you've heard of The Sims. Once the most popular series of games in history, it's still going strong even in 2019. Even though the fourth iteration of the game is already out, many players prefer The Sims 3.


The Sims 3 is the third iteration of one of the most popular video game series ever made. You can think of it as kind of a virtual, interactive dollhouse in which your dolls have a limited amount of self-determination. Your goal is to build a home and populate it with your customized Sims, and then help them to live their best lives. The third iteration of the game is fairly freeform, so there's really no goals here other than those you make for yourself. At its core, this is really just a game about simulating the lives of your customized families.

Graphics & Audio

By this point, it's fair to say that the graphics of Sims 3 are fairly dated. They're not bad by any stretch of the imagination, though - they just look very much like they're a generation or two behind the current product. The textures aren't quite as well-rendered as you'd see in a modern game and there are definitely some graphical problems here or there, but it's pretty much par for the course for a game that was released in 2009.

One thing that's definitely stood up well, though, is the sound design. The ambient music is catchy, but the sound effects will really stick with you. Almost every action in the game has its own unique sound, and you'll be able to tell what your Sims are up to even when you are not paying attention to the screen. From the gibberish noises of the conversations to the Simlish covers of popular songs on the in-game radio, the Sims 3 is definitely still an audio powerhouse.


Sims 3 is absolutely the kind of game that anyone can pick up and play immediately. The game will mostly walk you through the first few moments of gameplay, and past that it's more repetition than anything else. You'll always be juggling the Sims various moods and ambitions, but you'll never really reach a moment in which the game is actually hard - it's just busy.

In fact, the game itself isn't so much one you play as you observe. You'll help the Sim do what it wants to do and encourage it to do what it should. The satisfying part of the gameplay is that you get to guide a character through its whole life - if you're not entertained by that idea, though, you really won't find much to enjoy in the game itself.


The Sims 3 is, for most Sims fans, just more of the same. It was never quite as possible as Sims 2, but it definitely took some risks in terms of how the game is played and how players interact with their Sims. The game is absolutely made for people who are already fans of the series, but it can be a good entry point to the series at the same time. If you enjoy the virtual dollhouse of The Sims, you'll have a great time with this game.

The Sims 3 is the third entry in a long-running series, in which players help guide virtual people through their daily routines.

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