The Joys of Picking your Neighbors in Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing community has been non-stop hustling and bustling since New Horizons launched in late March. It is one of the most exciting virtual worlds of our time. Villagers, as usual, have turned into one of the hottest topics of discussion. Who's the cutest? The most fab? The crankiest? Everyone who plays Animal Crossing undoubtedly has some opinion on the nearly 400 villagers available.

These top-ranked villagers sell for millions of bells, or sometimes hundreds of Nook Mile Tickets. In case you didn't know, the Nook Mile Ticket is an item that has quickly become coveted currency in New Horizons. They are those handy items you use to visit deserted islands and find new villagers for your home island. People seeking out their "dreamies," or dream villagers, will use these to hop from one deserted island to the next in their quest.

Here, we've put together a snapshot of some of the top tier villagers as we come towards the end of May.

From sisterly to smug, the community thinks these are some of the most coveted villagers in New Horizons right now!

10. Coco: A Brown Bunny and Solid Black Eyes

coco Coco - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Female -Personality: Normal -Species: Rabbit -Birthday: March 1 -Styles: Simple, Cute -Hobby: Education -Colors: Beige Green

Coco's gaze from those solid black eyes and simple brown face has captured the community. Her catchphrase, "doyoing!" is pretty charming, too. Not quite charming enough, however, to keep her from falling to #10 from #6.

9. Fauna: The Epitome of Adorable Baby Deer

fauna Fauna - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Female -Personality: Normal -Species: Deer -Birthday: March 26 -Styles: Simple, Cute -Hobby: Nature -Colors: Beige, White

Fauna is a solid fan-favorite. She's held her position in #9 for some time now. Her normal personality makes her simple to give gifts. She also gets along with many other types of villagers. Her easy-going ways will make you want to repeat her catchphrase "dearie" all day long!

8. Audie: The Spicy Red Furred Fox with Blue Eyes

audie Audie - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Female -Personality: Peppy -Species: Wolf -Birthday: August 31 -Styles: Cute, Active -Hobby: Fitness -Colors: Green, White

Audie's peppy personality means that she'll always keep you revved up! However, it makes her hot-headed sometimes. She might clash with other villagers over trivial matters. Some people dislike some of the conversations you have with Audie. She's fallen from #3 overall to #8 recently. Audie won't let that get in her way, though!

7. Judy: A Starry-Eyed Pink and Blue Charmer

judy Judy - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Female -Personality: Snooty -Species: Cub -Birthday: March 10 -Styles: Cute, Elegant -Hobby: Music -Colors: Pink, White

It's pretty easy to see why people love Judy. Her character design is one of those that stand out among the sea of villagers. Her eyes sparkle like the shooting stars that you'll surely have to use to win this little snooty villager's heart. Judy had long held the reign at the #2 slot but was demoted to #7 this time around. As she would say, "myohmy!"

6. Marina: Tentacles are Prettier in Pink

marina Marina - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Female -Personality: Normal -Species: Octopus -Birthday: June 26 -Styles: Cute -Hobby: Music -Colors: Pink, Red

Marina is a stinking charmer, there's no other way to put it. I recently ran across her when visiting a friend's island, and she is as cute as she looks in the pictures! The community agrees because she took a giant leap this week from #12 to #6! Marina's another normal personality so she will fit right in whenever you decide you're ready for her to come live on your island getaway!

5. Beau: Big Blue Eyes and Curvy Striped Antlers

beau Beau - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Male -Personality: Lazy -Species: Deer -Birthday: April 5 -Styles: Simple, Cute -Hobby: Nature -Colors: Beige, Orange

Beau is another contender that made a surprise jump into the top 10 villagers this week. His quirky catchphrase "saltlick" and his lazy personality make him an easy sell. Those big, worried blue eyes certainly add a strong charm to this loveable little guy! He's up from #13. You could always welcome Beau to the Top 10 Club by making him part of your island, too!

4. Zucker: The Freckled Beige Octopod

zucker Zucker - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Male -Personality: Lazy -Species: Octopus -Birthday: March 8 -Styles: Simple, Cute -Hobby: Nature -Colors: Blue, Yellow

Zucker is no doubt the biggest change in popularity in the community. He's come from #16 in the second tier of popularity to #4 in Tier One! I have to say that I'm not sure I get why he's so popular. Is it how unique he is from the other octopuses? Maybe it's just because he's unique in general! Either way, I guess his lazy personality would keep everyone in harmony on your island!

3. Sherb: Baa Baa Blue Goat

sherb Sherb - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Male -Personality: Lazy -Species: Goat -Birthday: January 18 -Styles: Simple, Cute -Hobby: Nature -Colors: Gray, Blue

Sherb's another villager that graduated abruptly to Tier One of popularity. He's up from #1 in Tier Two. I've had plenty of run-ins with him, so I understand why people love him the way they do. He's super sweet with his lazy personality. It always brightens my day to see him relaxing under a tree for some shade or chasing a butterfly in his token blue white-collared shirt.

2. Raymond: The Infamous Gray and White Glasses-Wearing Cat

raymond Raymond - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Male -Personality: Smug -Species: Cat -Birthday: October 1 -Styles: Elegant, Cool -Hobby: Nature -Colors: Black, Gray

Even casual players and internet dwellers will recognize Raymond. He's the beloved snarky cat that happens to adore the in-game Maids Outfit. While smug characters aren't my favorite, Raymond is one of the few exceptions. His character design screams real-world kitty. He's a boss and doesn't need any of us to remind him. Raymond probably doesn't even care that he's not #1 anymore.

1. Marshal: The Angry White Squirrel Atop the Charts

marshal Marshal - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Credit:

-Gender: Male -Personality: Smug -Species: Squirrel -Birthday: September 29 -Styles: Elegant, Cool -Hobby: Music -Colors: Light Blue, Blue

Just looking at Marshal's squinty squirrel face will tell you that he's a smug villager. His catchphrase, "sulky," should make it no surprise that he's climbed the charts mostly thanks to his legendary temper tantrums. Marshal is the picky villager that the community loves to love, though, and our top pick! His cute little lavender ears help us forget about what an angry little squirrel he is.

So Many To Choose! Who's Your Favorite?

Of course, these are just the community's latest trends for favorite villagers. What do you think? Do you agree with this list? I like cute villagers, but smug personalities tend to make them unhappy. Merengue, the adorable pink rhino with a strawberry for a horn and tail, is my current favorite. I also like Ankha, the Egyptian-inspired, gold-and-blue cat. Tell us who your favorite villager is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!