Diplo Teams Up With Fortnite For Upcoming Party Royale

Thomas Weslet Pentz, known professionally as Diplo, is a wildly popular American DJ, songwriter, and record producer based out of Los Angeles, California. And, as of a recent announcement, he will be partnering with Fornite to perform a live, in-game concert!

On Friday, July 31 at 2 PM ET, join Diplo for the last show in his Summer resident series in Party Royale! He will be giving a 30-minute, live performance of "Diplo Presents: Higher Ground", which is a complex melody of deep house that will leave you entranced with his awesome beats.

No Invitation Necessary

fortnitepartyroyale-2 Fortnite Party Royale Featuring Diplo | epicgames.com

Although the show begins at 2 PM ET, Diplo and the rest of the Fortnite crew will let you show up at any time and catch the live show! You can check the Party Royal Event Schedule here.

Roll up at any time during the show in your favorite outfit and get ready to be hypnotized by Diplo and the fantastic beats that he has produced. Bring your friends, too, and throw down some flashy dance moves during this concert that you won't soon forget!

Find The Light

fortnitepartyroyale-1 Fortnite Party Royale Featuring Diplo | epicgames.com

When the show's over, find the light with the brand-new, music-reactive wrap absolutely free. That's right: all players in the game anytime from Thursday, July 30 to Saturday, August 1 will receive the totally cool Afterparty Wrap.

The Afterparty Wrap can only be earned during the specified time period; after that, it will disappear forever! Make sure to be online, and get yours, before time runs out!

Apparel, Too!

fortnitepartyroyale-3 Fortnite Party Royale Featuring Diplo | epicgames.com

The Envision Outfit will also be making its debut on Thursday, July 30 at 8 PM ET in the Item Shop, just a day before the show! This outfit, along with the Light Knives Pickaxe, and the Back Scratcher Back Bling, will all be available for purchase. Wear them to Diplo's live performance and leave the rest of the audience totally envious!

Other music-reactive outfits, including the Party Diva, Party MVP, and Party Star, will be made available, as well last the returning Nightlife Outfit. Stick out amongst the crowd with these music-reactive outfits and dance the night away to Diplo's sick beats.

If You Missed It

Both in Fortnite and real life, timing is everything and, unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work out! Lucky for you, you can catch a rebroadcast of Diplo's show at 9 PM ET on Monday, August 3 at the Main Stage.

And, if you just want to catch another view of Diplo's epic performance, the rebroadcast is open whether you saw the original show or not!

Need To Join Party Royale?

Do you need to join party royale to experience Diplo's live performance? Just go to Battle Royal, and then choose the Party Royale playlist. From there, you can enjoy all of the attractions included in this mode, along with other members of the Fornite community!

Remember to have fun and be kind to everyone who is participating in this epic virtual show!