PS5 UI Could Be a Game Changer

Sony has continued to reveal more and more information about the Playstation 5's hardware, launch titles, and new DualSense controller as the console's release date gets closer. One of the latest bits of information to get released came from Sony's "State of Play", which revealed the User Interface for the next-gen console Though the UI might not be the most exciting bit of information to be released about the PlayStation 5, the information gained from the presentation can still tell users a lot about how the console will work once it makes its way into living rooms around the world.

The Control Center

Perhaps the biggest piece of news concerning the UI is the reveal of the all-new Control Center. The Control Center can be accessed by players who press the central 'PlayStation' button their controls during play. The Control Center will not only give players relevant information about their systems and the games that they are playing, but it will also be home to the Activities Cards.

Activities Cards are an all-new feature that takes inspiration from mobile app stores...

Activities Cards are an all-new feature that takes inspiration from mobile app stores in terms of design. These cards will show off everything from related trailers to the percentage towards completion of a given Trophy in the game, giving players a great deal of information at a glance. This new addition is going to make gathering data while your games are paused a lot easier than ever before.

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A Quick Experience

One of the biggest problems with Sony's current UI is that it's always been a little on the slow side. While the main screen on the PS4 can be sluggish, the screen that pops up while you are in a game is even slower. The whole UI being redesigned from the ground up for a new console means that the whole experience has been revamped, giving players an almost-seamless experience when they move from menu to menu. This is going to be an infinitely faster process than PlayStation 4 owners have experienced, and it's one that's going to help players get into the games they love faster than ever.

Designed for 4K

Though there are new features and less lag, the biggest thing that players are going to notice is that the whole experience has been redesigned for 4K. The screens are bigger, brighter, and a lot less cluttered than they were in iterations past. Everything feels fresh and new here, with better use of color and much more room to breathe. This is a redesign for an entirely new generation, one that's as much about visual aesthetic as it is user interface design.

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Integrating the Store

Finally, the PlayStation store is actually going to be integrated into the PlayStation 5 user experience rather than existing as a totally separate app. PlayStation 4 owners have long complained about how unreliable and slow the app was, so being able to directly go into the store without a hitch is going to be a major improvement for most players.

The new UI is designed to ensure that players are able to get where they are going quickly and with little confusion.

In fact, the integration of the store speaks to a very important design ethos. The new UI is designed to ensure that players are able to get where they are going quickly and with little confusion. The overload of icons and menus present in the current PlayStation 4 UI are gone, with a great deal of obvious effort put into designing a system that's going to allow even new players to navigate around quid as quickly as possible.

A Whole New Gaming Experience

Though UI design may not be the most pressing concern of would-be PlayStation 5 buyers, the changes made to the user experience of the new console are going to have a huge impact on how games are played. With a fresh design, new additions, and some much-needed house cleaning, the PlayStation 5's User Interface feels like a fitting addition to a next-generation console.