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Everyone has played Solitaire. It was once the go-to game to play when you couldn't get on the internet, and it's become a go-to game to play when you absolutely can't commit to playing anything else. Classic Solitaire is one of the many browser-based versions of the games that you can play for free, but it's still probably unique enough that it deserves a closer look.

What Works

It is incredibly difficult to mess up Solitaire. As long as you stick to the basics, you're going to produce a game that is good for some mindless entertainment. Fortunately, Classic Solitaire really doesn't make much of an effort to reinvent the wheel here. If you've played literally any other type of Solitaire on a computer, you absolutely know what you're going to get into with this game. The game is about as streamlined as you can get, with nothing added to distract you from the simplicity of laying down cards in numerical order.

What Doesn't Work

The good news is that Classic Solitaire is still a Solitaire game. As such, the problems are really with the presentation rather than with the core of the game. This iteration feels a little slow, with the animations taking a little longer than they should. There are also a handful of random issues with the cards snapping into place, but nothing major. The biggest problem is probably that the game defaults to dealing one card from the deck instead of three - that definitely lowers the difficulty level for anyone who is looking for a challenge.

In short, Classic Solitaire is just fine. It's a free game that you'll use when you're too bored or tired to do anything else. The game doesn't reinvent the classic card game, and that's fine - it's nice to know that you're going to get exactly what you want out of this game.


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Play Classic Solitaire, one of the most famous card games. Now in a digital version that you can play anywhere.

Classic Solitaire is now in a browser-based version so it is easy to play on any device.

Play this classic brain teaser to see how well you score. Compete for the top position against players from around the world.

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