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In Super Mario Maker 2, you become the game designer and playtester.


In Super Mario Maker 2, you can create your own Mario Stages for four different Mario games. You can also play levels designed by others.

The sequel to the hit game dramatically expands on the options of its predecessor, both in terms of the types of stages you can design and the modes of the game you can play.

The game has two core functions: Design and play.

When it comes to design, you can create your own Mario stages for four classics: Mario Brothers, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World and Super Mario 3D World. The game has dramatically expanded options and types, allowing you to add a slew of obstacles, sounds, warps, and more, including a ton of functions (like sloped hills) that weren't available in the original games. 

"As incredible as the design features are, it's the epic expansion of the game's various play mode where the game really comes through."

The game comes with a clever and engaging story mode that allows you to explore the incredible potential of the creative options while rebuilding Peach's castle. You can still play stages designed by others, of course, but they are now sortable by type. Leaderboards have also been streamlined to make more sense. The Endless mode has been tweaked as well: You can play one of several versions, sorted by difficulty.

Perhaps the most welcome addition is the new versus and cooperative stages. With these, players can play against each other or in team-mode to beat a stage. Hilarity often ensues, and there's little more frustrating than thinking you've nailed that long jump, only to have Toad step on you and send you into a bottomless pit. 

Graphics and Audio

The game's graphics and audio come with all of the charm that made you love the Mario series in the first place.

As you would expect for a Maker game like this, its the game's customization that truly makes you appreciate its graphics and sound. Not only can you add your own stage elements, but you can add your own sounds, sound effects, and music. Yes, there are quality issues with poorly-made stages, but at least you can control what types of stages you play and which ones you avoid like the plague.


Playing new stages is easy. After all, we are talking about Mario here, and when it comes to the gameplay, the platformer which got us all hooked into video games in the first place remains incredibly fun.

Design features also are a blast to explore. There are so many different elements, types of stages (water, airship, dungeons, etc), enemies, and sound effects that the options for creation are utterly unlimited. 

Perhaps the only knock on this game comes within its design feature. The features can be somewhat oblique and difficult to understand. Tutorial options for design are limited, and as easy and intuitive as the menus are to understand, this can leave true beginners confused and looking for more advice. 


It's tough to argue that this game isn't one of the most replayable games available today. There are literally endless combinations of stages to design and millions of levels that you can play. If you like Mario, you'll never get bored. Furthermore, the developers are committed to this game, launching regular updates, new features, and new design elements. 


Design Mario courses using hundreds of elements, and see what sort of stages others have made for you. Yes, it's as great as it sounds.


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Build and play the Super Mario courses of your dreams! This sequel features a host of new tools and features—like slopes!

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