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Ultimate Warcraft Lore is in the Cards

Card-based deck building games are wildly popular.

They often feature well-known fantasy creatures like goblins, orcs, or other game-specific characters...[read more below]

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Ultimate Warcraft Lore is in the Cards Card-based deck building games are wildly popular. They often feature well-known fantasy creatures like goblins, orcs, or other game-specific characters.

Hearthstone Review

A Card-Based Global Phenomenon

Hearthstone is Blizzard's explosively popular free-to-play take on this genre. It focuses on Warcraft lore both on and off the digital cards. There are tons of different ways to enjoy Hearthstone like casual, ranked, and tournament modes. This beloved game has even spawned an entire competitive, professional league!

Strategy and Wit in a Turn-Based Card Game

Blizzard's digital collecting game launched in 2014 to immediate praise. Its core focus is 2-player versus matches. The goal of a regular match is to bring an opponent's health to 0.

Each player builds a deck of 30 cards of creatures, spells, and a special hero. Every card costs mana, but there is a limited amount of it available, which leads to a great amount of strategy in deck-building before the match has even started!

Rounds during play are turn-based, with one player randomly going first. Each turn consists of several phases, like playing creatures and spells. These can only add up to whatever mana is available. There are millions of cards to earn, purchase, or acquire, meaning that any type of deck is possible.

This concept is a 5/5, with a clear flow of play during matches and many different styles of cards for collecting!

Warcraft Heroes Means Warcraft Art

The music just about everywhere in Hearthstone is both original and uses previous Warcraft as inspiration. Fans of the franchise will recognize theme music from games like Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or the popular MMO World of Warcraft. However, there's also a completely original soundtrack produced by Peter McConnell.

Additionally, the art style was inspired by Blizzard's MMO. Heroes abound from across the franchise, with vibrant colors and cartoon animation. The original audio and graphics of the beloved franchise earn a 4/5 for being solidly Warcraft while offering plenty of fresh content.

Easy to Grasp Matches Solo or Online

A very important aspect to the developers was keeping gameplay focused on matches and deck-building. The result is a fast-playing turn-based card game, partly because the turns during matches are timed. It's a helpful addition when going head-to-head in casual or ranked online matches.

Card collecting is another massive part of Hearthstone's gameplay. This happens in a lot of different ways, like through the campaign, completing challenges, or winning matches against other players online. There is also a store to purchase expansion packs. However, something very unique about Hearthstone is that there are no trading cards between players.

The campaign is a great place to learn the intricate aspects of the game. Hopping into online mode means going up against millions of players across the globe. Challenges are designed to help see or excel at using different strategies and deck-building styles.

All in all, the 5/5 gameplay has something for loners, socialites, and everyone who likes a little bit of both in their card-based Warcraft!

A Solid Choice for Card Gaming

Hearthstone offers a digital deck-building game from Blizzard. Fans of the franchise probably already play at least casually. Warcraft lore is completely intertwined in this fantastic turn-based card game. Collect, build, and take on matches in tons of ways. Anyone looking for a free-to-play card game would find this a solid match!


Hearthstone is the world-famous card game featuring Warcraft lore from Blizzard.

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Hearthstone Description

Hearthstone is an incredibly fun turn-based strategy card game created by Blizzard Entertainment. It features the characters you know and love from Warcraft in a fast-paced and free game that is easy to play.

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