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Answer prayers, save lives, and decide if the world will be a happy place or a miserable one.

In Prayr, you're God on a smartphone. You select your alignment, swipe left or right, and answer prayers. Depending on your success as a God, you will gain or lose followers...[read more below]

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Answer prayers, save lives, and decide if the world will be a happy place or a miserable one.


In Prayr, you're God on a smartphone. You select your alignment, swipe left or right, and answer prayers. Depending on your success as a God, you will gain or lose followers.


Prayer offers a unique concept: You are God. You decide your name and alignment (good vs. evil) and answer prayers, swiping right for prayers that you answer affirmatively, and left for prayers that you reject. Depending on your success, you will gain or lose followers, which are the game's scoring metrics.

Indeed, this is one of the more interesting free games available that shows off how unique of an artform mobile games have become. It's a rare game that will allow you to gain or lose points based on your moral decisions, but that's what Prayr will enable you to do.

Prayr is a morality simulator with gameplay that feels like Tinder.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics and audio are extremely basic. The text is simple to read, but tiny, and the backgrounds are as dull as could be. Additionally, there are some grammar problems and spelling errors in the prayers. The game may be free, but it should at least have used a spell checker!

There is some sound when you click or swipe, but that's it. There is no other music.


The gameplay is remarkably simple - maybe too simple. You swipe left or right to answer prayers. You start the game by entering your name and answering if you are a good or evil God. From there, you answer as many prayers as possible in as short a time as possible, answering prayers that align with whether or not you are a good or evil God. However, each round only allows you to answer a certain number of prayers, so you must be careful with what you grant and what you deny.

At the end of each round, your score is determined by the number of followers you earn. You can then review the result of each prayer you granted or denied.

Some of the prayers are downright comedic and random. There are some bizarre requests ("Please unblock my toilet!"), followed by invitations to solicit your help to "hide the body." In that sense, the game will keep you on your toes and likely make you laugh.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is confusing at times. Buttons aren't clearly labeled and aren't at all intuitive. You have to guess about how to move on to the next round. The game never bothers to explain: that you have to swipe, how to swipe, or which way to swipe to eject or accept a prayer.


The game is free, but there are limited ads. Fortunately, these ads are relatively non-obtrusive.

Unfortunately, while the concept is unique and the game is fun, it isn't the most replayable of games. According to the developer, there are only 125 prayers to answer with procedurally generated tweaks, which means that prayers will start to repeat after an hour or so of play. The concept is fun, but more content is needed to allow you to play this game for extended periods. REPLAYABILITY: 3


Prayer offers distraction and interesting morality-based gameplay that will entertain you for NO more than an hour.

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From the Developers

What follows is the official description of Prayr, from the developers.

Set in the modern-day, Prayr puts the player in God's shoes where you receive incoming prayers from procedurally-generated people.

Your moral compass will be tested as you accept or reject prayers covering a whole range of issues all within a certain time and limitations.

Features - Over 175 prayrs (with variations) to be answered - Randomly generated characters so you know who you're judging! - Plenty of seasonal prayrs; play during Christmas and get Christmas related prayrs! - Name your god, religion, followers and your own holy text - Declare war against other religions! - Have your followers build places of worship to provide a bonus when gaining followers - Smite a person once per round to reject their prayer and get a new one - Earn followers through your actions - Alignment; you can see whether you're good or bad - Achievements to earn

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